is a site for searching and finding hotels around important locations for cities in the Norway. We help you find and make it easier for you to find hotels around important locations (such as airports, universities, stations, terminals, hospitals, embassies, etc.) throughout the Norway.

How to use it rather easily, enter the name of an important location or the name of the street and see the results. Hotel listings are presented based on the closest distance from the location and also the price budget. Search results also appear on the map, so users can find out where the hotel is located. For online orders, just click on the hotel name, you will be taken to the strategy page for the payment process.

The data used at is data taken from Google Geocoding and combined with hotel booking provider data so that the location and hotel are found. We cannot guarantee that the data is really accurate in terms of position on the map, but we continue to work to correct and examine the data one by one.

Hopefully the presence of this webpage can help you in finding hotels in important locations throughout the Norway.